Cullera in 3 Days

If you only have 3 days to visit Cullera you can take a tour and enjoy all of the most important sites. Here we recommend how you should plan your trip.

Day 1


Discover the rich history of Cullera. You can see the Castillo de Cullera (Castle of Cullera), the Torre de Marenyet (Tower of Marenyet) and the Iglesia Santos Juanes (Church of San Juan).


Torre de Marenyet


Iglesia de Santos Juanes

Day 2

Beach & Art

Enjoy the natural beauty and rich artistic legacy of Cullera on day 2. You can see the Playa de San Antonio, la cueva de Dragut (cave of Dragut) y las Pinturas rupestres (Abric cave paintings).


Playa de San Antonio


Cueva de Dragut


Pinturas Rupestres

Day 3

Mercado Central & BioParc

In the morning enjoy the gastronomy of the Mercado Central (Central Market) and escape to Bioparc in the evening to explore the African Savannah. If you visit in the summer, Bioparc is open 21 hours a day and 18 hours in the winter.


Mercado Central


Bioparc Valencia

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