Arrosiko – The Best Paella in Cullera

Award-winning paella place Arrosiko opened its doors in 2013 and is a stone’s throw from San Antonio beach.

Picture picking up a box of steaming aromatic, oily, traditional, hearty Spanish food on your way to spend a day sun tanning and day drinking on the beautiful white sand beaches of Cullera…

Paella is a very important traditional dish to Spaniards and is considered to have originated in the Valencian region. It is made and takes its name from the large shallow circular dish where the food is prepared and often served. It is common to gather with friends and family on Sundays to share paella, so not only is the dish a strong part of culinary culture, but also one of community.

Aside from paellas (vegan and vegetarian options available) they also cook fideua and rice, all  from a very affordable 8 to 15 euros per dish as takeaways, or, as the Spaniards say, para llevar.

Fideua is similar to paella in many ways, usually being cooked using seafood, however instead of being made with rice, it is made with noodles. Rice dishes originate from Murcia and from the Denia province in the Valencian community.

This is an absolute essential for a holiday away in Spain, whether it’s for a day on the beach in the summer or for a warm packed meal in the satchel as a pick-me-up during an exploration of roman ruins in the winter. Call ahead to order!


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