Visit the Castle of Cullera

Castillo de Cullera

One of the must-see sites to visit in Cullera is the castle of Cullera which overlooks the city from the top of the mountain of Zorras.

To the side of the sanctuary you will find the path to the castle. The castle was build in the 10th century by the caliphate of Cordoba to defend and control the coast and river of Júcar. From the terraces and battlements of the castle you can see the city of Cullera, the river Júcar and the beaches of the city. It’s the perfect spot for taking stunning photos and imagining the times when castles like this helped defend the Mediterranean coast with blood and fire. — ES: Una de las visitas obligadas en Cullera es la del Castillo que se levanta en la cima de la Montaña de las Zorras el cual se eleva sobre la ciudad.

The whole of the Castle of Cullera is made up of the fortress, two fortified enclosures (albacares) and five towers, as well as the Alt del Fort. Thanks to intense rehabilitation works, the Castle today can be visited and opens the doors of both its Museum and rooms and towers that are also used in summer to house part of the summer cultural agenda, with concerts in the light of the moon in the Plaza de Armas del Castillo.